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From our expert panel - for your informed decisions.

These independent reviews cover the savings, investment and pension plans and providers most commonly used by international investors and expats like you.

The reviews are designed to help you make well-informed decisions about traditional offshore investment product providers such as Utmost International (formerly known as Generali International), Friends Provident International and RL360. 

They also cover offshore investment platforms, offshore wrappers, offshore fund houses and specific offshore savings and investment products. 

Offshore Portfolio Bonds

Exploring the most commonly sold bonds including RL360 PIMS and FPI Reserve.

Discretionary Fund Managers

Learn whether a DFM pays hidden commission or is inflexible or expensive.

Offshore Savings Plans

Exploring which plans pay hidden commissions, lock investors in for long periods.

Financial Adviser Funds

Understand the high costs, hidden commissions and relative performance.

Investment Platforms

Exploring the costs associated, accessibility to funds and the technologies behind them.

Second Opinion Review

Lacking confidence? Your investments deserve another look.


Important to Note

These guides aim to provide general information on the financial products. It is not intended as personal advice but as a summary of a complex subject, and so please do not make any decisions based solely on the contents of this guide in isolation.  

Whether or not a particular investment is appropriate for you will depend on many factors, including your individual needs, circumstances, approach to risk, and capacity for loss.

For a personalised analysis of your situation, contact us and we can help to highlight if you can cut costs, improve your returns and how to make the very most of your savings and investments.


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