Hansard International, based in the Isle of Man, was founded in 1987 and provides financial products and services to international clients. 

Hansard International forms part of Hansard Global plc, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange.


They claim to have USD 1 billion of assets under administration and provide servicing for tens of thousands of international clients.

Hansard International Limited is regulated and supervised by both the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority (IoM FSA) and the Labuan FSA (LFSA).

> Widely available and sold.

> Some tax advantages in certain jurisdictions.

> Can be a very expensive option since many advisers choose it for maximum commission which may be hidden.

> Does not provide access to a range of assets and the lowest cost funds.

> Initial contribution can be high depending on the charging structure selected.

> Many countries do not recognise any tax concessions.

Note: this product is not the same as the Hansard International Capital Investment Bond which is no longer open to new business and has been replaced by Universal Personal Portfolio.


If you hold the old product, do not hesitate to get in touch for a second opinion.

Key Features

  • The contract is available in GBP, USD or EUR, and this will determine the valuation currency, the default cash account for charging and the minimum contribution levels.

  • This is a whole-of-life unit-linked insurance contract that allows for the investment of lump-sum contributions.

  • The standard death benefit sum assured is 101% of the contract value, but this will be reduced to 101% of the surrender value if the life assured is more than 75 years old (or for a joint-life, first-death contract if either of the lives assured is more than 75 years old or for a joint-life last-survivor contract if both of the lives assured are more than 75 years old) on the commencement date.

  • Aimed at high-net-worth, Malaysia resident clients, aged 18 years or older who have a lump-sum to invest over the medium to long-term to achieve a financial goal.

  • As a whole-of-life contract, Universal Personal Portfolio does not have a fixed term – it will continue for as long as the lives assured are alive, or until the contract is surrendered.​


You may choose from one of three different charging options, depending on how you wish your contract charges to be deducted:

Charging Option





Contract set-up charges deducted on day 1; no withdrawal penalties

Contract set-up charges deducted quarterly over 5 years; charges applied on all withdrawals during the 5 year charging period

Contract set-up charges deducted quarterly over 8 years; charges applied on all withdrawals during the 8 year charging period

The annual management charge (AMC) taken by Hansard International, differs for each charging options and for external and internal units. 

External assets:

Charging Option




Annual Management Charge %


1.7% per year for five years

1.2% per year for eight years

Hansard unit funds:

Charging Option




Annual Management Charge %

Deducted from the Contract


0.7% per year for five years

0.2% per year for eight years

Annual Management Charge %

Deducted from the Fund

1% per year

1% per year

1% per year

Note that where the Contribution Remaining Allocated is greater than the contract value linked to that contribution, then an AMC (Annual Management Charge) will apply to the difference between the two, at the rate that applies to external assets as detailed above.


The longer the period of time that the charges are taken over, the lower the yearly charge amount is but the higher the total cost.

Investment assets under the Universal Personal Portfolio:

  • The asset categories offered include unit trusts, deposits, equities, fixed interest securities and Hansard International Limited Unit Funds (Hansard unit funds).

  • This is subject to the prevailing asset acceptability criteria. Assets must be marketable and liquid for confirmation that specific external assets (assets other than Hansard unit funds) can be administered within the contract.

  • There may be different minimum investment amounts for each asset, and these will be detailed in the relevant documentation for the asset.

  • Your contract will hold units that represent your share of the relevant assets, but all investments are held in the name of Hansard International and they are the legal owners of the underlying assets.


Contributions to Hansard's Universal Personal Portfolio:

The minimum initial contribution of the plan depends on the charging option selected. This can be summarised below:

Charging Option




Minimum Initial Contribution (GBP)




All cash contributions are paid into a cash account that forms part of your contract. Contract charges and withdrawals are deducted from this cash account, and all deals are placed from or into cash, depending on whether it is a purchase or sale.

Hansard says that it is your responsibility to ensure that there is a sufficient level of cash in place throughout the term of the contract to cover the regular contract charges and other associated transaction costs.

Additionally, you may make additional lump-sum contributions at any time, subject to them being GBP 5,000 or above.



It is important to note that if you take withdrawals or if you surrender your contract during a charging period, then this could result in you getting back less than any illustrated fund value and possibly less than the total amount you have contributed.

Final Verdict

Hansard does not have a strong reputation for dealing with licensed intermediaries.

If you are advised via one of these distributors, it is likely that the outcome you receive will be substantially different to the one you expect because of the well concealed, high product charges used to fund this adviser's commission.

This product is a replacement for Hansard's Capital Investment Bond and is fairly inflexible. There are more cost effective, flexible products with a wider range of better investment options available for senior international professionals.

The Capital Investment Bond is similar to many in the offshore market place. In the early years you will incur access (surrender) penalties if you want all your money back, and charges are extremely high in the early years.

This type of plan may have been a common option in the past, but today it lacks transparency in the market, much like other portfolio bonds and ultimately, the Hansard Capital Investment Bond is an expensive option when compared with a pure platform.


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