Ardan International is based in Isle of Man. They launched their wealth management platform in 2013. 

In 2016, Ardan International became a part of the International Financial Group Limited (IFGL). Other members of the IFGL include RL360 and Friends Provident International.

Being part of IFGL offers Ardan’s customers the reassurance and security of being part of a group that looks after assets of £17 billion for over 230,000 customers.

The platform allows for a wide range of investments through a single point of access

> Accessible for smaller investment amounts.

> May have hidden commission.

> Checkered ownership history.

> Lack of transparency.

Key Features

  • Multi-currency options include USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY, SGD, HKD, AUD, AED, CAD, and ZAR.

  • Valuations are available online and, as is the benchmark for investment platforms of its type, so is a consolidated view of all investment wrappers.

  • Available investments include equities, ETFs, structured products, mainstream, alternative and thematic funds.

  • Full charges are not published on Ardan’s website, although custody is 0.40% pa. Transfers and dealing for non-standard assets are expensive.

  • The platform can only be used and recommended by a financial adviser.

  • It is suitable for expatriates, trustees and corporate entities around the world.

  • It can be used in different ways to keep all investments in one place.

  • It’s suitable for expat customers who do not want to lock their money away for a long period of time.

Final Verdict

We would be wary of platforms that purely have advisers as their clients, and of websites that don’t have their charges laid out clearly. You should make sure your adviser is acting in your best interests and understand the costs involved.

We don’t think the charges and service are competitive and would encourage conducting your own due diligence around Ardan’s international licensing and distribution.

If you are an existing investor with Ardan International, contact us to get a second opinion to find out the charges you are paying, the access and terms applicable, and what better alternatives exist for your wealth.


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