The Tilney Group includes 10 entities: Tilney Investment Management Services Ltd, Tilney Investment Management, Bestinvest, HW Financial Services Ltd, Tilney Asset Management Ltd, Tilney Financial Planning Ltd, Tilney Discretionary Portfolio Management Ltd, Tilney Asset Management Services Ltd, Tilney Discretionary Investment Management Ltd and Index Fund Advisors Limited.

Tilney group claims to have 180+ years of experience, 300+ financial managers and £24bn+ of assets under management. 

The Tilney Group and all of their entities are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

> Large group.

> Advised and self-directed options.

> Hidden commissions/retrocessions.

> Very expensive.

> Use of grey market distributors overseas.


Tilney's services can be categorised under three categories: investments, financial planning and specialist advice. Under investment management, the Tilney Group has two main offerings:

1. Core investment management service:

Tilney's core investment management service requires a minimum investment amount of £50,000.

They offer a range of central portfolios built and managed on your behalf. Each portfolio is designed for a different type of investor and they recommend the portfolio they think is best suited.

With the core investment management service, Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is deferred until withdrawals are made. This is because investments are held inside a fund.

2. Personalised investment management service:

Tilney's personalised investment management service requires a minimum investment amount of £500,000.

Your investment manager will build a personalised portfolio based on your objectives, circumstances and attitude to investment risk. Under this service, you get a dedicated investment manager, regular meetings and access to your portfolio online at all times.



The costs are known to be high and based on our research and experience, only a handful of advisers who have partnerships with Tilney recommend their funds and in return may get paid kick-back commission payments to do so.

Final Verdict

Within the international marketplace, the Tilney funds are typically accessed by financial salespeople through offshore bonds.

The total cost of these insurance bonds, the advisers' commission, and the funds themselves potentially create a serious drag on performance, which will impact your returns.

Since 1994, Tilney Group have run an amusing and informative analysis of underperforming funds known as 'Spot the dog.' It is therefore not without irony that we believe more cost effective, more transparent and better performing investment options exist.

If you’re looking for the strongest possible growth on your investments, and you don’t want that to be undermined by high costs or you are uncomfortable with your adviser accessing investments through an insurance wrapper and/or receiving kick-back commission payments, then you may wish to consider alternative options.


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