Brooks Macdonald is a trading name of Brooks Macdonald Group plc. which has been operating in various forms since 1991. As of January 2021, Brooks Macdonald has discretionary funds under management of £15.5 billion.

Brooks Macdonald now has twelve offices across the UK and the Channel Islands including London, East Anglia, Hampshire, Leamington Spa, Leeds, Manchester, Taunton, Tunbridge Wells, Scotland, Wales, Jersey and Guernsey. 

The company is licensed and regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission. Registered in Jersey no: 106423. Registered office: 5 Anley Street, St Helier, Jersey, JE2 3QE.

> Strong brand

> Traditional approach to investment management.

> Expensive way to invest.

> Pays retrocession commission to your adviser.

> Potential for conflict of interest.

The DFM Service

Brooks Macdonald angle their international offering towards advisers, as opposed to marketing it directly to individual retail clients.


Brooks Macdonald services the international market from their Channel Islands base, working with professional advisers, trustees and private clients around the world. 


Brooks Macdonald's offers two core discretionary investment management services, namely:

  • Bespoke Portfolio Service (BPS)

  • Managed Portfolio Service (MPS)


1. Bespoke Portfolio Service:

  • The Bespoke Portfolio Service has a minimum initial investment amount of £250,000.

  • BPS portfolios are managed by investment managers operating within teams.

  • Brooks Macdonald's BPS portfolios are run in line with their centralised investment process (detailed below).

  • You can access their BPS service through a professional adviser authorised to give financial advice, or you can become a direct client of Brooks Macdonald.

2. Managed Portfolio Service:

  • The Managed Portfolio Service has a minimum initial investment amount of £20,000.

  • MPS portfolios are managed by a dedicated team of investment managers, supported by their investment, asset selection and asset allocation committees.

  • MPS is available to clients only through professional advisers authorised to give financial advice.

  • Brooks Macdonald International's MPS provides a choice of investment into a number of risk-rated model portfolios, each investing in an array of different assets.


Brooks Macdonald's investment management process includes:

  • Asset allocation: Asset allocation involves the distribution of capital to various asset classes (such as stocks and bonds) and geographies. It is based on the principle that the values of different assets react in different ways to changes in economic and market conditions.

  • Security selection: Brooks Macdonald's investment managers are organised into sector research teams, each of which specialises in a particular area of the market.

  • Constructing and managing portfolios: During the portfolio construction process, their investment managers create personalised portfolios in line with the individual investment mandate provided by the client’s adviser (they select investments from their central buy list).

  • Supervision and controls: Brooks Macdonald's investment committee oversees their investment process, approving all asset allocation and sector buy list decisions. 

Final Verdict

While Brooks Macdonald is a respected name, we believe this is an expensive way to invest. Investors should also understand the fees associated with the DFM through the various documents that are provided by them.

We believe that there are better and more cost-effective alternatives.


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